9th Grade Supply List

9th grade supplies list

You will need ALL of these supplies NO LATER than Monday, September 13. If you have questions, see your advisor.

– Two 1.5” binders

– One black, white, or blue 3” binder (required for Government class)

– 6 dividers

– 1 pencil pouch (put at front of binder)

– 7 composition notebooks

– Post-it notes (4-pack or more with at least 3 different colors)

– 5 highlighters (at least one should be yellow)

– Box of blue or black pens

– 2 green pens/2 red pens

– 3 Pocket folders with hole punches (in binder)

– 2 Pocket folders (w/out grommets)

– 30 centimeter ruler

– Looseleaf (endless supply)

– 1- subject spiral notebook



-Box of washable markers

-Thumb Drive

– 1 TI-30X IIS Scientific Calculator ($14.99) or Casio FX-300MS Plus Scientific Calculator ($9.99)

– OPTIONAL: locker organizer

**Hole in My Life by Jack Gantos must be read in preparation for the first day of school.  This was provided in your bookbag at accepted Students Night.**


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