The Math Department would like to urge all families to purchase a TI-83 calculator if possible to use in all of their math classes over the next four years.

-How much is a TI 83 calculator?

The TI-83 calculator retails for $89.99 – $99.99

-Where can I purchase it at?

TI-83s can be purchased at Staples, Office Depot, Kmart, Target etc.

-Does the school provide acceptable calculators or is it mandatory for my child to have this model?

It is mandatory for your student to have A model of scientific calculator.  Students in 11th grade will be required to have a TI-83, making the investment as early as possible will allow your student to become more fluid and familiar with the technology. TI-83 calculators will be provided to students for the Regents Exam if they do not have access to their own.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  If you have further questions, please call the school at 718-858-1160.

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