Homework for all Health Classes: Due Tuesday, September 28th

Again, please bring in a current (recent) NEWS (not “olds”) article from “The
New York Times”, “The Daily News”, or “The New York Post”. You can bring in the article from the paper or can print it from online.
IMORTANT: This time, no AM NY, no Metro, no magazines, and no ads or advertorials!
Also, please bring in the article but NOT THE ENTIRE PAPER.

Write your name and section at the top.
Be ready to: summarize it for the rest of the class
fillout the handout and
choose five vocabulary words to define in class


Your assignment for tomorrow is to bring in a current newspaper article from The New York Times, The New York Post, or The Daily News,(or, ok, from a current magazine), that has to do with one of the health areas we are studying this semester.

I look forward to seeing you what you find!


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